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Headphone jack too fat claims Apple insiders

by on30 November 2015

Hit the road jack

Fruity cargo cult Apple is thinking of binning the standard headphone jack claiming that it is too fat.

Apple is desperate for ideas and thinks that it can make everyone thing that its latest phone is actually new by making it thinner. What is stopping it is that pesky standard headphone jack in the iPhone 7.

Apple insiders say that the cunning plan is brilliant, super, cool and game changing. Not only will Jobs’ Mob became to make a thinner phone, but it can also force its users to pay an arm and leg for its officially certified headphones. It could also help flog the god awful Beats headphones which cost Jobs’ Mob an arm and a leg.

A thinner phone might be bendier, but Apple invented the bendy smartphone and users did not care. They were just over joyed to have a thinner phone with an Apple logo on it.
Apple would likely offer up some kind of 3.5mm-to-Lightning adapter too but of course Apple is likely to charge you extra for this.

It is possible that Apple is moving to wireless headphones too, which strikes us as fairly logical. But it appears that the fruity cargo cult might see some mileage in a different headphone jack before it goes down that route.

Last modified on 30 November 2015
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