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iPhone 6s is a bit of a turkey

by on01 October 2015

Main reason to upgrade is borked

The Tame Apple Press has been promoting the iPhone 6s's 3D touch as a good reason to waste money upgrading to an otherwise identical phone to the older model. However it turns out that it does not work as well as Apple claims.

Apple iPhone 6s , 6s Plus users are facing multiple issues with the devices, which were released on 9 September. The most reported issues include problems with the Touch ID, 3D Touch functionality and bugs affecting the speaker.

Most reported problems include issues with Touch ID and 3D Touch, including software glitches affecting the normal operation of the 3D Touch. Users are also facing problems with launching web URLs via Safari. This can be temporarily be fixed by resetting the device or completely fixed by buying a better phone.  

It also seems that the iPhone 6s owners found they are getting heating issues within the Touch ID scanner and Home Button. This can be resolved with a reset or flushing it down the loo. 

Owners of both the handsets have complained about audio distortion including a crackling sound from the speaker. Some users think this is another software problem after all the phone is so beautiful it could not be a hardware issue. Nothing so pink could ever be broken.

Another feature iPhone 6s users have also reported is there phones getting powered-off automatically, despite having ample of battery charge. Apparently this also can be fixed by resetting your phone, or hitting it with a hammer.

Apple fanboys have been responding in comments sections of magazines to insist that the phone is perfect and that theirs ran with no problems. Our guess is they are filing the comments from a PC during those moments that they are continuously resetting their phones.

Last modified on 01 October 2015
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