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Kremlin plagued by Apple fanboys

by on07 May 2013

Economy being disrupted

The Russian government is seeing its budgets being wrecked by Apple fanboys who are insisting on spreading the expensive religion in the Motherland. While most nations have seen the dangers of letting Apple fanboys near a budget, it seems that the Kremlin has yet to learn its lesson.

State Duma deputies are furious that the executive office of the lower chamber for virtually forcing them to use iPads and iPhones for work. The State Duma’s executive office was supposed to streamline the work of the deputies but only released the Dumasoft software for iPhones or iPads, with no Android version available. What is important to realise is that Apple has not done at all well in Russia. Its products are still outrageously expensive and ordinary Russians cannot afford them.

So the fact that Speaker Sergei Naryshkin wasted so much cash on software that only runs on Apple gear has managed to get deputies incredibly cross. Not all deputies are willing to buy iPhones and iPads, because well they are not Apple fanboys and don’t have huge amounts to waste on expensive American junk. (Made in China. Ed)

Yury Shuvalov, deputy head of the State Duma executive office, confirmed that the administration of the lower chamber was fully aware of the problem and looking for ways to solve it. Unfortunately since that involved purging the Kermlin of Apple fanboys who want to see Russians queuing for Apple toys in the same way they used to queue for sausages that might be a bit tricky.

“We will certainly issue apps for other operating systems. I think this could be expected before the end of the year,” promised Shuvalov.

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