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Samsung sold 30 million Galaxy S IIIs

by on05 November 2012

But you only hear about the iPhone

Samsung said Monday it has sold more than 30 million flagship Galaxy S III smartphones in about five months, making it one of the fastest selling smartphones in the world.

Of course you only ever hear about the iPhone because the Tame Apple press is too keen to convert people to its cargo cult. Samsung launched the smartphone at the end of May, months before competitors began shipping the latest versions of their top phones.
When Apple released its broken iPhone 5 in September, Samsung launched an advertising campaign poking fun at Apple's efforts which was a little behind it.

The South Korean firm said the S III is selling at a much faster rate than its predecessor announced a year ago, the Galaxy S II. The S II took 14 months to hit 30 million sales. Sales of the Galaxy Note II, which fills a market niche between smartphones and tablets, surpassed 3 million in 37 days, Samsung said last week.

Research firm IDC ranks the South Korean firm as the world's top smartphone seller in the last three quarters. In the latest July-September period, Samsung sold 56.3 million smartphones versus Apple's 26.9 million, IDC said.

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