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Nexus 4 launch marred by pricing, performance issues

by on05 November 2012

LG looking to cash in?

The first Nexus 4 reviews are out, but all is not well in the Google camp.

Although reviewers showered the new Nexus with praise, questions about performance persist. It turns out the Nexus 4 ends up significantly slower than the LG Optimus G in most tests, despite the fact that they share the same internals.

Many are speculating that the issues are the result of firmware or software issues, but why on earth would Google and LG send out review samples if the Nexus 4 isn’t ready for prime time?

Worse, it seems LG is trying to charge as much as €599 for the new Nexus in some European markets. Google prices the Nexus 4 at $299/$349, available directly through the Google Play Store. The EU Price is €299/€349.

However, the Play Store does not cover all of Europe and in some markets LG is clearly looking to cash in. As one might expect, Android lovers are going absolutely ape and venting their frustration on LG’s Facebook page.

According to The Next Web, a Spanish retailer has already dropped plans to carry the Nexus 4, after LG offered a €599 MSRP.

The Nexus 4 looks like a very good piece of kit, especially in Europe, as few will complain about the lack of LTE, which is a major drawback on the other side of the Atlantic. But the latest pricing issue could also hurt European sales and frankly we are baffled by Google’s and LG’s handling of matter.

We said it once and we will say it again - Google really needs to learn how to launch phones.

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