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Apple shares fall

by on19 September 2012


Something going unreported

While the Tame Apple Press has been reporting that the world plus dog is enthusiastic about the iPhone 5 and quoting analysts who think that the company's share price will be $1,000 by Christmas, it seems that shareholders are not buying into the excitement.

For most of this week share prices in Apple have been falling. True, not by much, but it does lead some to question how it will get up to $1,000 by Christmas.

So far Apple's news has been a triumph of marketing over reality. The company claimed that it had “sold out” of its two million pre-orders this week. But more cynical minds questioned why it only allocated two million for pre-orders if sales of the iPhone 5 were going to be galactic.

Some of us suspected that Apple did this to make sure that people cued outside its stores to try and get their hands on new ones. This creates the illusion that the product is in high demand and gives something for the Tame Apple Press to report.

This will be a cover for the fact that the iPhone5 has very little new under the bonnet, other than a faster chip. The screen is a bit bigger, but is still smaller than the rivals and the new phone makes all the early accessories redundant, because it has new Apple plugs.

There is a definite feeling that Apple has lost its touch and only the hardcore Apple fanboys will be interested, particularly after the new Samsungs come out. This might explain why the share price is stalling.

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