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LG working on slim optical zoom for smartphones

by on18 September 2012

Who didn’t see that coming?

Smartphones are the digital equivalent of Swiss Army knives and LG reckons they should feature even better cameras with optical zoom.

Granted, optical zoom on phones is nothing new, but previous attempts at making a proper zoom lens for phones have resulted in pretty bulky devices and needless to say they never caught on. LG is taking a different approach this time around, by developing a slim optical zoom camera that should fit today’s increasingly slim smartphones.

LG research engineer Jakyung Jeon told Techradar that the outfit is looking at developing a 16-megapixel cameraphone sensor, with optical zoom and perhaps even more importantly, optical image stabilization and mechanical shutter.

The advantages of such a device would be quite obvious. The zoom lens would provide consumers with a bit more flexibility, allowing smartphone to truly replace cheap compact cameras. Optical image stabilization and a proper mechanical shutter could result in crisper images and vastly improve low-light performance.

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Last modified on 18 September 2012
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