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TI promises all day battery for tablets in 2013

by on04 August 2011

Morning to night if not more

Brian Carlson of Texas Instruments talked to Fudzilla about 2012 and the company's plans to release OMAP 5, which should be ready for market in the fall of 2012, roughly a year from now. It didn’t stop there as we heard a bits and pieces about TI's 2013 plans.

We won’t call it OMAP 6, but the 20nm chip that is planned as a successor of OMAP 5 should enable true all day computing. When asked to define all day true computing, Brian said to expect a battery life to last for from early in the morning until you are ready to hit the pillow.

This should be better than a battery life of a 4-inch or similar smart phone today. With a lot of action it will barely survive a morning to night schedule. Today we are talking about less than 8 hours continuous use for most of phones and tablets, and things in the future should be better than that, a lot better.

Future chips will make things better and Texas Instruments talks about more efficient power saves built in hardware. It wants to focus a lot on better memory access, intelligent cashing as apparently these tasks drain a lot of the power. The 20nm chips could be so smart that they should be able to dynamically cut consumption by going to sleep more, to show down automatically and wake up faster. This is a part of the plan how to make your tablet battery life better.

At this time, there is no announcements on new batteries, it looks like we are stuck with the current crop of Lithium Ion batteries for at least through 2012 and 2013.

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