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OMAP 4470 to hit 1.8GHz

by on02 August 2011

Devices in first half of 2012

Dual core ARM chips won’t stop at 1.0GHz despite the fact that most chips out there are only at that level. HTC Sensation is the first device that we can think of that has launched officially over 1.0GHz clock speed, is powered by a Qualcomm MSM8260 dual core at 1.2GHz.

We wrote about OMAP 4460 that should come in October to November in retail & etail at 1.5GHz here, and a bit later TI plans another clock update OMAP 4470 clocked at 1.8GHz. This clock speed won’t be the only update as the OMAP 4470 comes with SGX 544 core that is fully Direct X compatible. Games will certainly start to look better with this graphics and the graphics chip supports Open GL 2.1 as well.

The interesting detail is that this chip supports both Windows 8 as well as future Android, including Ice Cream Sandwich, and its successor to come at some point in 2012.

TI has confirmed that it expects devices in first half of 2012 while the sampling should be happening at this time. Since most of the devices in the near future will eventually ship with dual core, but lets not forget that Nvidia promises Kal-El Quad core 40nm already in the next few months, probably earlier.

If this schedule remains on track, this will definitely mean that Texas Insturment has sped up its announcement and shipping cycle, and its a good thing considering the constant pressure from competitors such as Qualcomm and Nvidia.
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