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OMAP 5 can address 8GB of memory

by on04 August 2011

In 28nm in fall of 2012

The guys from Texas Instruments believe that upcoming quad cores might have an issue to feed all cores with memory data.

Current OMAP 4 chips have dual channel memory that is supposed to be dominant to competition memory solutions and Texas Instruments wants to carry on with this dominance. The company told Fudzilla that next generation 28nm platform, scheduled for 2012 release will be able to address as much as 8GB memory.

You are lucky if your current phone or tablet supports and have 1GB of RAM, and OAMP 5 and other competing solutions scheduled for release in late 2012 should probably be able to address as much.

Applications will become more serious and the Jxx version of Google’s Android, the one that comes after Ice Cream Sandwich should be able to work battery with larger memory size. Unfortunately this all only happens in late 2012, a year from now, but maybe the competition, mainly Qualcomm and Nvidia might come up with similar memory capabilities a bit earlier.

The 28nm process is slowly becoming available, and it is realistic to expect some of the 28nm mobile ARM based chips even in 1H 2012.

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