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White iPhone with us in Spring

by on14 March 2011

Be still my beating heart
It has taken a year but it will be possible to buy a White iPhone 4 from spring which is probably just in time to be outdated by the release of the iPhone 5.

Apple executive Phil Schiller has confirmed via Twitter that the white iPhone 4 is on track to launch later this spring.
Schiller, who serves as senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing, posted to his verified Twitter account on Sunday.

Apple has yet to say why it was completely unable to make a white iPhone 4, but in the list of things that went wrong with the expensive gadget, including dropped calls, a disconnect when you held it to you are, cracked casing and brown smudges on the screen, it was all small potatoes.

AppleInsider reported that Apple had solved inconsistency issues with the white paint used for the device by partnering with a Japanese company to develop a new paint material. However word on the street is that the problem was to do with the casing which has lead Apple to return to aluminium casing for the Phone 5.

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