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Android now has the upper hand

by on06 October 2010

Bye bye Apples and Blackberries
Analyst Nielsen said that the days of Apple and Rim's Blackberry ruling the smart-phone market have gone and .omentum has shifted toward smart phones that run on Google's Android. The research outfit said Android phones now have control of nearly a third of the smart-phone sales in August.

Job's Mob's iPhone and BlackBerry had to settle for a statistical dead heat for second at about 25 percent, Nielsen said. The figures include a month of availability for Apple's highly publicised, and broken, iPhone 4.

In January, when new Android phones captured only 14 percent of the market, BlackBerrys had 34 percent) and iPhones had 32 percent. In June, RIM had 35 percent of new phone sales. But in August, Nielsen said that Android handsets had outsold iPhones among new U.S. smart-phone buyers in the second quarter.

BlackBerry is still the market leader with 31 percent of the market in August, with the iPhone second at 28 percent.   But with the momentum building,  it is starting to look like Android will be the major player by next year.

Android is winning because the software is free to any company that wants to use it in their phones.  It is not locked in and people can do what they like with it.
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