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Fossil sexy Android wear available

by on29 August 2016

Selling for $/€ 295 + $/€ 315

Fossil has launched  updated Android Wear watches and started to sell them. Most of the models use a 45mm case size and they have an unknown SoC but an educated guess suggests it would not be a surprise if it features the Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100. 

We do know that Q Wander / Marshal / Founder touchscreen stainless steel smartwatches are selling for $295 to $315 in the US, and have 4GB memory 360mAh – 400 mAh battery. This should be enough to get you through a day of normal usage. 

The watch supports Bluetooth Smart / 4.1 Low Energy and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n connectivity. European customers will be able to buy it for €299 to €319 depending on the wristband. They come in different varieties - stainless steel, brown leather, Gold tone stainless, black silicon, two tone stainless steel or as a black leather smartwatch. The watches come with  different watch case colors too.   

There are three different varieties, the Q Wander, Q Marshal and Q Founder and they all have a completely circular screen but the cases come in slightly different shapes. The Fossil Q series will charge via cradle by placing the watch on an  inductive charging magnet, and this is the same principle that we’ve seen with Motorola, LG or Asus smartwatches before.


All cases are  45mm and the thickness varies between 13mm with Founder, 13.5mm with Wander to 14mm with Marshal. The man version - the Q Founder has a 47mm case as men don’t mind bigger watches.

As for  functionality everything that is supported with Android Wear will work on this watch including emails, calls, text messages, activity tracking, alarms or different watch faces.


This is one of the many big watch manufacturers who are feeling out the market as they want a piece of the action. Since they are reasonably priced, they should sell well. They are already available in the US and they will start to be for  sale in Europe within the next few days.

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