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Nvidia RTX 40 series Ada Lovelace GPU specification detailed

by on03 March 2022

An impressive increase in SM count

An alleged set of specifications for Nvidia's Ada Lovelace GPU has leaked online, showing a lot of details including an impressive increase in SM count over Ampere.

According to details published on Twitter by davideneco25320 and compiled by, the list includes a total of five GPUs, AD102, AD103, AD104, AD106, and AD107. The list shows an impressive increase in SM core count compared to Ampere, reaching 144 SMs for the AD102, 84 SMs for the AD104, 60 SMs for the AD104, 36 SMs for the AD106, and 24 SMs for the AD107.

nvidia adalovelace 1

In CUDA core count, this means that we are looking at a total of 18432 CUDA cores for the AD102 GPU. The recent leak, coming from Kopite7kimi, suggests that we are looking at a die size of 600mm2, which is similar to the GA102 GPU. The same leak also suggests an increase in L2 cache, of up to 96MB on the AD102 GPU, which is a significant boost compared to 6MB on the GA012 GPU.

The list also includes memory interface details, suggesting that the Ada Lovelace GPUs could end up with a similar memory interface configuration as the Ampere GPUs, with a 384-bit interface for the AD102 GPU.

nvidia adalovelace 2

Of course, it is still too early to talk about clock speeds and power requirements, but hopefully, more information will be coming soon.


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