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Nvidia announces self driving Pegasus

by on10 October 2017

Level 5, fully autonomous robotaxi

Not even a full year after it announced the Drive PX 2 , Nvidia has just announced a much more powerful self driving platform that is targeting robo-taxies or the world, in other words companies like Uber, Lift and the like.

Pegasus is able to handle Level 5 driverless vehicles. If you don’t know what that means,  level 5 doesn’t require that the car has a steering wheal and pedals as It can completely operate without a driver.

Pegasus Robotaxi drive PX has 320 TOPS CUDA Tensor Core performance or roughly 10X the performance of a Drive PX 2. It also features 16X GMSL (Gigabit multimedia serial link)m 4X 10G, 8X 1G and 16X 100M for all the cameras, radars, lidars and sensors that it needs to supports.

pegasus 3

The Pegasus platform also supports Auto grade ASIL D Automotive Safety Integrity Level D which refers to the highest classification of initial hazard (injury risk) defined within ISO. PEgasus has two ARM based CPUs and two yet to be announced Nvidia GPU / AI processor, the one that comes after Volta.

It is a 500W platform and partners should get an early access to it in Q1 2018. This is a level 5 system but it is also compatible with level 3 and level 4 systems too.


CEO Jensen pointed out that this replaces a bunch of computers and GPUs in a trunk. Instead of trunk full of computers and GPUs the hail riding automotive companies will have an option to use Pegasus based supercomputing in the trunk. So, Pegasus is replacing all this, pictured below. 


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