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Nvidia releases Mac drivers for the Titan Xp

by on07 April 2017

But Apple has not flogged a machine that can run one

In somewhat strange news, Nvidia is saying that it is releasing macOS drivers for its Pascal architecture GPUs.

However Jobs’ Mob has not sold a Mac Pro that can officially accept a PCIe video card in almost half a decade.

Every Mac now uses a customised, integrated video card, from the soldered-on MacBook Pro up to the custom format cards of the Mac Pro. The last NVIDIA-equipped Mac was the 2014 MacBook Pro, which included an NVIDIA Kepler GPU.

So the question is why Nvidia would release a Mac driver for a company that hates its guts so much it rewired its units in such a way to prevent its products being installed?

Nvidia is not saying anything, other than it is “making the new TITAN Xp open to the Mac community with new Pascal drivers. Mac users access to the immense horsepower delivered by our award-winning Pascal-powered GPUs”.

It is possible that Nvidia might have got wind of news that Apple is going to change its policy, but what is more likely is that Nvidia wants the tech for those who run Hackintoshes.

It might also be hoping that Jobs’ Mob’s announcement that it is going to fix the Mac Pro’s GPU woes in a year’s time might net it some sales in the longer term. Maybe it is hoping that Mac fanboys might even start a grassroots campaign to get Nvidia under the bonnet of a Mac.

Other than that there is little point in Nvidia doing this.


Last modified on 07 April 2017
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