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Tahiti prices start to tumble thanks to Hawaii

by on25 September 2013

Some nice price cuts already in effect

Not everyone can afford the latest GPU, and even a lot of people who can simply don’t want to. Of course, each new generation brings plenty of new features and improvements to the table, but the price tag is often the most compelling argument.

Hawaii is set to be announced tonight, although we will probably have to wait a few weeks for retail availability. Between now and mid- to late-October many vendors, disties and retailers will try to get rid of excess Tahiti stock and we’re already seeing some movement in Europe, a bit less in the US, so we’ll focus on Europe.

For example, the MSI HD 7950 Boost Twin Frozr III can be ordered for €199 in a couple of German shops. That is down from €250 roughly a month ago.

As for the HD 7970, there are a few interesting deals. The Asus HD 7970 DirectCU II Top now goes for €249, down from €349 a month ago. The HD 7970 cards from PowerColor and MSI are available for €249 as of yesterday. In case that’s not good enough, the HD 7970 GHz Edition clocked at 1050MHz is also seeing substantial cuts. The Asus ROG Matrix Platinum is widely available for €299 and less. It cost €399 a week ago. The non platinum version is even cheaper.

In any case, these are some very tempting cuts, but bear in mind that Hawaii has yet to launch and the best deals are yet to come. Until we know a bit more about Hawaii pricing, we can’t exactly recommend a venerable Tahiti card, but bargain hunters should definitely take them into consideration.

In case you’re interested, check your nearest price search engine. However, we should probably give AIBs and channel players a couple of more weeks to adjust the prices ahead of launch, as they could come up with even better deals. 

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