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Nvidia GTX 650 series detailed

by on01 August 2012

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Two cards, two chips managed to get some of the details regarding Nvidia upcoming GTX 650 series that will apparently have two members, the GTX 650 and the GTX 650 Ti, with two different chips, the GK107 and the GK106.

The info from is pretty much in line with what we have been fed from our trusted sources, and it appears that Nvidia decided that the GTX 650 will be nothing more than a beefed up GT 640 with GDDR5 memory. It features the same 28nm GK107 Kepler GPU with 384 CUDA cores that will be paired up with 1GB of GDDR5 with 128-bit memory interface.

The GTX 650 Ti, on the other hands, is a different story as Nvidia will be using its 28nm GK106 GPU on this one. According to, this one should feature 960 CUDA cores and will be paired up with either 1 or 2GB of GDDR5 memory with 192-bit memory interface. Bear in mind that our sources pointed out that model names were not carved in stone and that this one can easily become the GTX 660.

The GT 640 is currently retailing/e-tailing at around US $100 and we expect the GTX 650 to probably slide into the sub-$200 market. The GTX 650 Ti (or GTX 660 for that matter), could end up to be US $250 graphics card but that solely depends on the final price of the GTX 660 Ti. The GK107 equipped GTX 650 is scheduled to launch on September 17th, according to the report, while the GK106 equipped GTX 650 Ti is scheduled for sometime in Q4 2012.

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