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Nvidia GTX 660 Ti 2GB performance revealed

by on31 July 2012

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Updated: Nvidia has mid-range killer card managed to get their hands on one of the upcoming GTX 660 Ti 2GB graphics cards and although they are still keeping the precise details for a full review, they were more than willing to share some first results in 3DMark11 where the GTX 660 Ti got some impressive performance numbers.

Since it was rumored that Nvidia did not exactly made any significant cuts to the GK104 GPU other than the actual memory bandwidth which went from 256-bit down to 192-bit, it was pretty much clear that we will most likely see an impressive performance for a mid-range class graphics card.

According to these first results, the GTX 660 Ti 2GB sits just a tad below the GTX 670 and well above AMD's mid-range HD 7800 series graphics cards. To make things worse, it even manages to outperform the HD 7950 in both performance and extreme 3DMark 11 presets by quite a margin. The standard and GHz Edition HD 7970 graphics cards are still slightly ahead but we are talking about a different range there.

These are just some first performance results for the GTX 660 Ti and we will hold our judgement until we see some performance in games and most importantly, the final price tag for the GTX 660 Ti, but for now things are looking good for Nvidia's mid-range graphics card.

You can check out the performance table over at the Tweaktown Facebook page.

Update: has just posted a shorter or to be precise, pictureless, review of the reference GTX 660 Ti showing exactly what was hinted with an earlier 3DMark 11 result. With GTX 660 Ti, Nvidia has a graphics card that swipes AMD's mid-range offer and even seriously threatens both the HD 7950 and the standard HD 7970 in some game titles.

The new GTX 660 Ti is quite impressive at 1680x1050 or 1920x1200 and even at 2560x1600 resolution when compared to the HD 7800 series. On the other hand the HD 7970 and the HD 7950 do beat it when AA and AF as well as high resolution comes into play but, of course, one can say that mid-range graphics cards were never aimed at those that plan to run high resolution or even go for multi-screen gaming.

The general feel is that is ends up somewhere around the HD 7950, a graphics card that, at least according to rumors about the GTX 660 Ti price, should end up to be around US $100 or so more expensive. In any case, it is certain that Nvidia has a nice mid-range graphics card on its hands and we are sure many are eager to see it on retail/e-tail shelves.

You can check out the review here

Last modified on 31 July 2012
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