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Nvidia GTX 660 Ti listed in Sweden

by on03 August 2012

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Priced quite high managed to notice that some of the retail/e-tail shops in Sweden decided to jump the gun and start listing the GTX 660 Ti graphics card a few days ahead of its expected launch.

The card is currently listed at anywhere between 3,350 and 3,551 Swedish Kronor which roughly converts to around US $490 and US $520, including taxes, which is way higher than expected, but Swedes have the misfortune of traditionally paying more for their gear than the rest of the continent. We still did not manage to put our finger on the final price as according to our sources, Nvidia still did not wire the final price to its partners and can easily change it just a day before the official launch.

The expected price is somewhere between US $200 and US $300, although US $300 sounds a tad more realistic. However, according to these early listings we would not be surprised to see a US $349 price tag on the new GTX 660 Ti. Of course, this just might be the case of pumped up pre-order price, while the launch price could end up to be lower.

Nvidia's GTX 670 currently sells at around US $399 and judging by the recent performance of the GTX 660 Ti, Nvidia could easily market the GTX 660 Ti for US $349, leaving the rest of the US $200 to US $300 market for the rest of its lineup.

In case you missed it the GTX 660 Ti is based on Nvidia's quite well known 28nm GK104 GPU and features 1344 CUDA cores, 2GB of GDDR5 memory paired up with 192-bit memory interface and clocks set at 915/980MHz for base/boost GPU clock and 6008MHz for memory.

The new GTX 660 Ti graphics card is expected to launch on 16th of August, according to earlier reports, but the Sweden stores claim that the listed graphics card will be available on August 14th. 

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