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Nvidia's GTX 590 comes on March 22nd

by on10 March 2011

Dual GF110 GPUs
Since the dust has sort of settled around the launch of AMD's flagship dual-GPU HD 6990 card, we can now talk about NVidia's upcoming dual-GPU solution, the GTX 590. We have already seen the card up and running at Cebit but the precise specs aren't carved in stone so there was no talk regarding those. According to the latest rumours, Nvidia has chosen the March 22nd as the launch date.

The date doesn't come as a surprise as it is also the launch date for EA/Crytek's Crysis 2 game. Nvidia has been working tight with Crytek in order for this game to run smooth in its 3D enviroment. Unfortunately, the DirectX 9 debacle with Crysis 2 was a big let down that will be hopefully fixed, sooner or later. The latest rumours that we are hearing are that the GTX 590 features full fledged GF110 chips which means 1024 CUDA cores (512 per GPU), or simply two GTX 580 GPUs slapped together on a single PCB.

The last rumour that we heard was that the card has GTX 580 specs but at lower clock speeds in order to keep the TDP at reasonable level. The performance should up somewhere between GTX 570 and GTX 580, per GPU. The TDP might end up a bit higher than the HD 6990 as NVidia will probably still talk about "average TDP" and it will need two PCI-Express 8-pin power connectors. The card that we saw back at Cebit wasn't noisy, even with Nvidia's reference dual-slot cooler.

The most important piece of information is the price and unfortunately there hasn't been any talk regarding it. Best guess is that Nvidia will most certainly make the price according to the HD 6990 as that is simply a only advantage that you get when you launch the card after the competition.

Of course, Nvidia still hasn't officialy talked about the specs of the card so anything is possible. Hopefully a more solid info will appear as we draw closer to the March 22nd.

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