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Geforce GT 550 and 530 coming in Q1 11

by on23 November 2010

Most likely February

We have already talked about Geforce GTX 570 and 560, where  the latter is based on the upcoming GF114 core and 570 on the GF110. Geforce GTX 570 is expected in December, while 560 comes in early 2011, most likely Q1 2011.

Following this logic, you can expect to see GF116, a successor of GF106 chip and the cards branded as Geforce 550 and 530.

One more time this will be an existing chip with all parts enabled, that will get more performance to the same price segment, and with some luck it should be enough to take on ATI in this market segment. Of course it’s a DirectX 11 part.

The funny thing is that the new generation comes roughly two quarters after the official introduction of Geforce GT 450 based on GF106, a 238 square millimetre chip and we have a hunch that the GF116 will remain the same size, but it will up the shader number configuration from 192 (four shader clusters of 48 Shaders). In case that GF116 comes out with five clusters you can expect 240 shaders, but this is something that we cannot confirm at this time.

The expecrted release date is sometime in February or March.

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