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MSI fully integrates an AIO cooler with new SUPRIM FUZION and EXPERT FUZION graphics cards

by on05 June 2024

Computex 2024: Based on Nvidia Geforce RTX 4090 and RTX 4080 Super versions

MSI has unveiled a couple of new and interesting graphics cards at the Computex 2024, the SUPRIM FUZION RTX 4090 and the EXPERT FUZION RTX 4080 SUPER graphics card. What makes it interesting is that MSI is completely integrating the AIO liquid cooler onto a graphics card PCB.

While this is not really a new thing since ASUS already did it back in 2019 with ASUS ROG MATRIX RTX 2080 Ti, there haven't been any similar versions recently. The hybrid air+liquid cooled graphics cards have been seen from time to time but it usually had an external radiator, while this time, MSI is putting it all on the graphics card PCB.

As pictured by, the AIO system uses a low-profile pump with a copper microfin baseplate, as well as a special aluminum die cast chassis and shroud. The EXPERT FUZION RTX 4080 SUPER uses two fans in a push-pull configuration while the SUPRIM FUZION RTX 4090 uses a dual-fan cooler. Both take up three slots.

msi fuzioncomp 2

msi fuzioncomp 1

MSI did not reveal any details about the price or the launch date but hopefully, it will come pretty soon and we are sure it will cost a pretty penny.

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