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Wii U to get World of Keflings

by on24 October 2014

Ninja Bee has something not for Xbox or PC

While most Xbox players are familiar with developer Ninja Bee and the titles like Kingdom of Keflings that they have done for the Xbox 360 and PC, the developer as confirmed a new title for the Wii U.

Wii U owners will have the chance to buy World of Keflings which will sell for $9.99 as a digital download. World of Keflings will use your Mii to play this avatar based adventure game. World of Keflings will take advantage of the touch screen offered by the console as well as the GamePad in the course of playing the game.

The release World of Keflings is a pretty big deal as it will be the first title the developer has ever done for the Wii U console. In fact it is also the first time that the Keflings series has appeared outside of the Xbox 360 and PC. It is actually a pretty big deal, but it might have a difficult time translating the Wii U release into the one million copies in digital sales that the developer has seen from the Kefling release on the Xbox 360.

Wii U developers who have had releases in the Nintendo store have not been getting the kinds of sales numbers that makes they want to develop more games for purchase in the Nintendo Store. Let’s hope the recent spikes in Nintendo sales lead to more sales for the Wii U developers. At the console can use all of the software it can get developers to produce.

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