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Next Titanfall DLC comes out next week

by on25 July 2014

Only for Xbox One & PC, 360 will come later

Respawn has confirmed that the next DLC map pack for Titanfall which is known as “Frontier’s Edge” will arrive on the Xbox One and PC next Wednesday, July 30th. As with all DLC and patches that are for Titanfall, the Xbox 360 version will be getting it at a later date.

Frontier’s Edge will add three new maps which are called Dig Site, Haven, and Export. Besides the three new maps, players will be getting Update 5 as part of the package. Update 5 will at the new “Black Market” which adds new in-game cash to the mix where players can use earned in-game cash to purchase insignias and Burn Cards.

Respawn has once again come out very publically and said that the introduction of in-game cash is not a move toward micro-transactions. So far Respawn has continued to say that micro-transactions would not be a part of Titanfall.

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