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EA to enforce penalties for UFC quitters

by on23 May 2014

If you intentionally quit you will pay the price

EA Sports is going to take a new approach to dealing with people that quite before the end of its online matches in its new UFC game. Those that quit the match before it is over will be temporally banned and the game will be tracking your quits your DNF (Did Not Finish) score.

So if you are one of those that like to quit matches before they are over knowing that you are going to lose otherwise, you will have to think again with the new UFC. The developers feel that players that abuse the multiplayer should be held accountable for their actions. UFC will track this data and if it gets too far out of hand it will take action and temporarily ban the player.

It remains to be seen if this kind of enforcement will make a dent in what has become an online epidemic. The better question to ask is if EA Sports is planning to introduce the enforcing of quitter penalties in other games like Madden, FIFA, and NHL that are also coming later in 2015. It could be that UFC may be the proving ground for this and based on how it goes, so will the future of game penalty enforcement.

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