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Thief patch adds Mantle and TrueAudio support

by on17 March 2014

More realistic screams

Eidos is about to roll out a new patch for Thief and AMD says the patch will add support for Mantle and TrueAudio.

There is no word on how much performance will be gained, but users with compatible AMD graphics bottlenecked by a lacklustre CPU stand to gain the most. Mantle is all about eliminating CPU overhead, so it delivers the best results on CPU-bound configurations.

TrueAudio will bring a few new audio effects, including convolution reverb, which should make echoes a bit more realistic. TrueAudio can deliver a lot of location-based audio improvements, adding a bit of realism to what is already a rather realistic looking game.

However, only users with the latest Hawaii based cards will be able to enjoy Mantle and TrueAudio improvements. Only the R9 290X, R9 290 and the Bonnaire based R7 260X will do the trick. AMD is still working to get more developers on the Mantle bandwagon. Eidos and EA DICE are the biggest names so far, but other big players like Crytek, Valve and Ubisoft are still not on board.

The patch should roll out on March 18.

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