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360 Titanfall resolution still a mystery

by on14 March 2014

Respawn has been hands-off on 360 version

Respawn says that they have been hands-off on Bluepoint’s port of Titanfall to the Xbox 360 and because of this they are not sure what resolution and frame rate they are currently achieving. Richard Baker an engineer over at Respawn says that they do know that Bluepoint is “working hard to get the frame-rate up and they are making improvements every day.”

Baker also revealed that they have been letting Bluepoint make their own technical decisions and from what he knows the 360 version of Titanfall is pretty close in terms of feature parity. Still he admits that he does no know what rendering resolution Bluepoint is targeting for the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall.

While the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall will not release in North America till March 25th and March 28th in Europe, the news about the resolution and frame rate might be cause for concern, but the news that strides continue to be made to improve both prior to release could be a good sign. The Xbox 360 version is expected to carry the majority of the sales for the title and it is important that Bluepoint get it right, but it looks as if they will be going down to the wire working on it and it will come as little surprise that it will likely have a large day one update we suspect.

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