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New Tony Hawk title is for mobile

by on28 February 2014

No consoles this time around

There is going to be a new Tony Hawk video game. Not really a surprise as we always thought that there will be another game despite that failures of the last couple of titles. Hawk confirmed that a new game is coming and it will be exclusively for mobile devices this time around.

Hawk says that he is excited about the new game and because people are spending so much time on their mobile devices it just makes sense to focus this new title on that market space. There will not be a console version this time around.

Hawk provided no timeline on when the new title would be released or for what platforms it might be coming, but sources tell us that iOS and Android seem likely. As for another console Tony Hawk title, that mystery will have to wait for another day, but with the success of the reboot of the original Tony Hawk titles that were done as download titles and the release of the new next-generation platforms, we really think it is more of a question of when than anything else.

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