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Wii U to get new Zelda in 2014

by on19 December 2013

To be based on Koei’s Warriors series

Something that Wii U owners can get excited about was announced by Nintendo. A new Zelda title which is tentatively to be called Hyrule Warriors will be coming for the Wii U in 2014. While Nintendo didn’t confirm a time frame, sources tell us that it will arrive in time for the holiday season next year.

The new Zelda title will be an action game that will be based, believe it or not, around the Tecmo Koei Warrior series. We predict that we are going to see a lot of hack and slash with this Zelda offering.

Other than the announcement trailer that Nintendo released, we still know little about the title, but expect more specifics to trickle out around E3 time next year. Sources claim that Nintendo has had the title in development for some time and they are committed to making a holiday release in 2014.

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