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Indie titles to hit Xbox One in March 2014

by on18 December 2013

Had to say how many titles will get released

Chris Charla who is the director of Microsoft ID@Xbox indie developer programs says the first indie titles should arrive on Xbox One in the first quarter of 2014. Most likely the first wave of indie titles will hit the Xbox One in March of 2014.

As for how many titles we will see with this first wave of releases is still up in the air, but development continues and the closer that we get to the release, the better idea we will have of what titles will be coming as the first indie releases for Xbox One.

Microsoft has been able to attract quite wide number of developers that want to take part in the program. Besides your typical indie developers, a number of well-known studios are looking to take advantage of Microsoft’s self-publishing program and try their hand at total digital distribution.

Read more from Charla at Edge.


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