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Capcom to crank up headcount

by on07 November 2012

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Plans to add 1,000 developers by 2023

Capcom wants to develop a larger number of its games internally, and the company has announced to that end a plan to add 1,000 additional developers by 2023.

The company says that the new developers will be split over each of its software development divisions, with Home Video Games, Mobile Contents, and PC Online Gaming to all get significant increases in staff. This is part of what the publisher is embarking on in its 10-year plan.

In part, the decision to move in this direction is to counter the criticism the company has received about the quality of titles that have been developed by Capcom using these external developers. The company believes it will have better control and much better quality by keeping it all in-house.

While the change will not really affect the amount of spend the company puts toward the development of new titles, it will, however, change the way the money is spent. With the addition of 1,000 developers, Capcom will grow to almost 2,500 developers (from approximately 1,500 developers that it employs today).

Our take is that it remains to be seen if this will really help Capcom produce better software. While it sounds good, it is hard to say if it will deliver the results that Capcom is looking for. We will have to just wait and see if the improvement yields more hits, better review scores, and more sales for the company.

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