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Surface tablet for Xbox in development

by on07 November 2012


7-inch tablet targeted at Xbox users

Sources are suggesting that Microsoft is working on a 7-inch tablet that uses a custom ARM processor and high-bandwidth RAM that is specifically developed with the Xbox user in mind. This gaming tablet is said to be called “Xbox Surface,” and if the rumors are accurate, the tablet will run a highly modified version of Windows RT that targets gaming.

Whispers of such a tablet have been something that we have been hearing about as a possibility ever since Microsoft announced the Microsoft line of Surface tablets. It would seem with Microsoft’s focus on SmartGlass for the Xbox 360 that Microsoft wants a slice of the hardware pie from those that don’t already own a tablet. Currently, SmartGlass supports Microsoft products and it just released the first version of its iOS support.

No word yet on when Microsoft might announce the Xbox Surface tablet, but odds are good that it will be sooner than later if the company wants to jump into the fray of offering a tablet that is targeted directly at Xbox owners for use with SmartGlass.

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