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OUYA gets first big time title commitment

by on20 July 2012

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Human Element to be first on OUYA

Robert Bowling, who most Call of Duty fans know from his work with that franchise, has departed to start his own studio, which is called Robotoki. He announced that the first game from Robotoki would be a title called Human Element, which is described as a post-zombie-apocalyptic shooter.

Now, Bowling has confirmed that OUYA gamers will get first access to Human Element when it arrives as an episodic prequel that will set the stage for the eventual release of Human Element in 2015. It will be exclusive for OUYA.

This is the first exclusive that has been confirmed for OUYA. In addition, from the way that we understand it, this also means that OUYA will also get Human Element in 2015 when it is released. Of course, this is great news for the OUYA, and it should also drive other developers toward making announcements of commitments to build titles for the OUYA.

There is still time to secure the limited number of first-run consoles. With backers numbering over 40,000 and having raised over $5 million in support and with almost 3 weeks left to gain additional backers, we see this project to continue to gain momentum.

You can still get on board by clicking here.

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