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Homefront 2 said to be phenomenal

by on01 June 2012

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Said to deliver 5X what the first one offered

Comments from ex-THQ Core Games Boss Danny Bilson, who was just replaced by Jason Rubin as we told you about yesterday, suggest that Homefront 2 could deliver on what the actual vision was for the original Homefront. Bilson said that, “Crytek UK is doing a phenomenal job and will deliver 5X times the game that the first Homefront did.”

While the first Homefront that was developed by Kaos Studios was a mixed bag, it had a number of very interesting ideas and concepts within the game. The problem was that the execution of the game was poor in many areas, with bugs and issues that lead to a launch that was much less successful than THQ expected. Kaos Studios paid with the closure of their studio due to the poor sales performance of the title.

The sequel is being developed by Crytek UK using the CryEngine 3 for release sometime in the 2014 fiscal year. So, the release of the title is still a long way off. It is also unknown if the game is being targeted at the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, or if THQ has decided to target the title for the next generation of consoles.

At this point, we think we will wait till Jason Rubin weighs in on this one before getting too excited. While we agree that if the game was done properly, the story would resonate with people; but it needs to get closer to at least something like a Call of Duty or Battlefield before we are going to get really excited.

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