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More Gears to be revealed at E3

by on01 June 2012

Microsoft Studios

Teaser from Microsoft excites series fans

The word is out that a new chapter of the Gears of War saga is set to be announced during the Microsoft press conference at E3. While no one ever said that a new Gears of War title wasn’t coming, we have not heard anything about it, either.

A circulating teaser image that will apparently be on the front cover of Game Informer shows a man in chains followed by two COG soldiers with a Locust-destroyed city in the background. Could the man in chains be none other than Marcus Fenix, who was sentenced to prison after the Battle of Epyhra? If so, this new Gears game would be a prequel to the other titles in the series.

What we really don’t know is what Epic’s role in this title is, or whether perhaps People Can Fly is working on this one? Could it be another developer? We should get the answers when Microsoft lets us know what’s up during its press conference.

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