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Diablo III disappoints?

by on16 May 2012


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After twelve years of waiting - Diablo III is finally out, but players obviously seem to have expected more. And when we say more, we mean at least play the darn thing without having the ‘Error 37’ pop up and make you wait for Blizzard’s servers to get back up. Yes, that's regardless of whether it's single or multiplayer.

Apparently, many users have not liked the game and delivered quite horrid reviews. This is to be expected though, and the errors that prevented them from playing surely didn't help. Indeed, it seems that having to be online all the time to play has once again proven to be a disaster, at least for now.

To be fair though, Diablo 3 reported more than 2 million preorders and the game was so hotly anticipated that servers are probably at full capacity. We expect to hear some news soon on whether it’s getting better, and we sure hope it will. As for the graphics complaints, I seem to remember that a similar thing happened with Diablo II, and it sure didn't stop anyone from idolizing it. Well, as soon as they stopped whining.

At press time, Amazon already has 41 new and 3 used games in stock, which says enough really. Users’ comments haven’t been very kind either, and you can find the best picks here.

Last modified on 16 May 2012
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