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Max Payne 3 launches for Xbox 360 and PS3

by on16 May 2012


In North America, in Europe on Friday

So, Rockstar launched Max Payne 3 and the troubled detective continues his journey through all things bloody and time-warped.  We’re talking about the North American launch so Europeans will have to wait for Friday.

The game follows good ol’ gun-slinging pill-popping detective Payne through his new job of private bodyguard of a wealthy Brazilian businessman Rodrigo Branco and his wife Fabiana. Fabiana gets kidnapped and all hell breaks loose, as we’ve learned to expect.

This time around, the game comes with an online multiplayer with a number of co-op and competitive modes, such as free-for-all, Payne Killer or the “dynamically branching” Gang Wars mode. In fact, this is the first title to feature the company’s Crews system, where clans can play together, ally and fight each other. The clans will be able to monitor progress of rival gangs and Crew Feuds through the Social Club.

The game is currently available only for Xbox 360 and PS3. PC players on the other hand have to wait until May 29 in North America and June 1 in Europe.

You can check out the trailer here. And sweet zombie Jesus what music, somebody should’ve given these guys a grammy or something long ago.

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