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EA & Activision settle lawsuit

by on17 May 2012


Both just want it behind them

The West/Zampella tampering lawsuit between Electronic Arts and Activision is over, according to a joint statement that was released.

Both companies have apparently agreed to put it behind them and get on with the business of publishing software. It is difficult to say if the decision of California Superior Court Judge Elihu Berle not to grant a 30-day delay in starting the trial (to allow new lawyer Beth Wilkinson to get up to speed) factored into the decision or not.

Despite EA and Activision burying the hatchet, so to speak, West/Zampella and Activision will still have a date in court over the dismissal of the two from Activision developer, Infinity Ward. With the release of all of the news related to Activision’s “Project Icebreaker” (a project where the company’s IT department engaged in an investigation to dig up dirt on West/Zampella), the information does not paint Activision in the best light.

Read more about Activision’s Project Icebreaker here.

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