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3D HD display for Wii U controller?

by on20 February 2012

Wii U

Nintendo patents suggest it’s possible

While we are left with more questions than answers about the Nintendo Wii U, new recent patent filings by Nintendo with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office now suggest that Nintendo could be looking at the possibility of using its 3D technology without glasses; this could be similar to what they have used on the 3DS with an HD screen for the Wii U controller.

After hearing this, we are forced to again wonder how much this console is going to cost. With the cameras on the controller combined with the microphones for the unit and just about every other bell and whistle that you can imagine, it is going to cost some serious coin to produce this controller.

While it is clear that these are just more possibilities that they could do with the controller unit, we have to think that it is wishful thinking on Nintendo’s part for the future and not something that they are going to be able to pursue today, as the cost of the Wii U is going to make the cost of the initial release of the PlayStation 3 look cheap.

We think that once everyone sees the new revised unit at E3 most of our questions are going to be answered; and we suspect it will not seem as costly or as ‘pie in the sky’ (so to speak) once we get a look at the actual starting point for the initial Wii U. June isn’t really that far away, is it?

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