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What is Avatar Famestar?

by on20 February 2012


Microsoft trademark filing ignites speculation

Last Monday, it was apparently discovered by a number of sources that Microsoft had filed for a trademark for “Avatar Famestar” with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office. On the application Microsoft describes the trademark as “downloadable software for video gaming services that provides an online portal for video gaming and social networking.” By that vague description we think it could be about anything that somehow involves your Xbox Live Avatar.

While a number of outlets are speculating what the possible end game this new Avatar Famestar could be, we think that it will be something that will be accessible on XBLA/360/Windows/Windows Phone that will link your Avatar by some method to social networking sites like Facebook. We look for Microsoft to use micro-transactions with it in some way to leverage content to make a buck.

Read more here and see what you think it might be.

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