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Sony claims Vita development easier

by on21 February 2012

Much lower barrier to entry will mean innovation

Sony claims that the PlayStation Vita offers much easier development than any of its previous platforms, which it believes will lead to more experimentation and risk; this is due to the lower entry barrier which should lead to innovation.

These claims by Sony will be a welcomed change if developers view this in the same way as Sony. Previously, developers seemed to believe that Sony platforms were much harder to develop for than other rival platforms.

The main reason for this claim is that the PlayStation development suite gives the developer access to a very low-cost development environment and an opportunity to immediately access the broad range of Android devices and installed user base that comes with them.

Of course, we will have to see if developers actually buy into this; and it will help Sony reach its goal of Vita being a five-year to ten-year portable platform for the company.

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