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Nintendo plans to demo Wii U at CES

by on20 December 2011

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Second showing if you didn’t see it the first time

Nintendo has not been talking too much about the Wii U or showing it off since its initial showing last year. In a surprising announcement, Nintendo is working with CES management to offer demos of the upcoming Wii to members of the media who didn’t get to see the Wii U at the 2011 E2 Expo.

Apparently, Nintendo will not have a booth at CES and it will not apparently be showing anything beyond what the company already showed at E3 in June. It is unclear if the demos will be behind closed doors in a meeting room, or if Nintendo will have a promenade spot in the lobby to show off the Wii U.

Nintendo has once again confirmed that the console is on track to launch sometime between the start of the 2012 E3 Expo in June and the end of the year. Still, reports of ‘hush hush’ talk from developers that we have spoken with indicate that Nintendo is still working the kinks out of the Wii U; and while it is much better than it was, it still isn’t where it needs to be.  However, the company is making progress on getting it together.

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