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PS Vita Japanese release rocky

by on20 December 2011

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Sony issues apology & firmware update

The initial launch of the PlayStation Vita handheld in Japan has been a bit rocky. Reports of a number of software issues, as well as system lockups and touchscreen freezes, seem to be the order of the day. Japanese buyers are not happy and are venting their displeasure on social media sites.

Sony is watching, and they have already issued a firmware update to address the issues and they are apparently preparing to issue an apology letter, as well, according to rumors. It is unclear why some of these issues were not resolved before the unit shipped, but at least Sony is trying hard to stay on top of the issues and get them resolved.

The good news for North American and European buyers is that we suspect that most of the issues will be sorted out before its release in those regions next year. That is the best news of all if you happen to live in one of these regions and are planning to buy a Vita.

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