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New Deus Ex gets reviewed

by on23 August 2011

Scores suggest game is top notch
Deus Ex: Human Revolution has been eagerly awaited for some time now. The new chapter in the Deus Ex saga seems to generate a lot of buzz, especially for those who played it on the PC a long time ago.

The first reviews are now in, and it seems that Deus Ex: Human Revolution is going to be big; the scores are nines or in the high nineties from the majority of the outlets that reviewed the title. Generally, comments in the review were very positive, which should translate into sales.

While it seems the reviews agree that the Deus Ex: Human Revolution does a good job at capturing the feel of the original Deus Ex, it isn’t perfect, but a very good addition to the Deus Ex series. Eidos Montreal has to be pleased what they have been able to achieve with Human Revolution, and hopefully it translates into enough sales that we will see the saga continue.

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