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Kinect to get Windows SDK

by on22 February 2011

Will arrive in the Spring from Microsoft
While Microsoft isn’t commenting, sources tell us that Microsoft will indeed release a Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) for Kinect this Spring. The project is said to be collaboration between the Interactive Entertainment Business unit and the Microsoft Research unit.

The SDK will give those interested in working with Kinect access to key parts of the Kinect technology to build applications that use the device. It is unclear if and how this will all work, as the whispers that we hear indicate that this is supposed to be a non-commercial endeavor, with a commercial version to arrive at some point in the future.

The SDK should really give those in the academic arena (as well as enthusiasts) the proper building blocks or APIs if you will, to create some very interesting applications for the device. Expect to hear more about the specifics of the Kinect SDK for Windows as we get closer to Spring; or even next month, if what we are hearing about the release is true.

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