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DICE is working on something else

by on22 February 2011

Something secret besides Battlefield 3
Karl-Magnus Troedsson, the General Manager of DICE, has confirmed that not everyone at DICE is working on Battlefield 3. While the studio does have the majority of resources working on this project, other teams are also working on “other secret projects.”

While we have no clue what DICE might be working on besides Battlefield 3, we can tell you that it is a safe bet that the studio is not using cycles to work on Mirror’s Edge 2, as we confirmed last week that Mirror’s Edge 2 has apparently been put on hold for the time being.

While the studio isn’t ready to talk about what else it is working on, those in the shadows suggest that at least one of the secret projects might be none other than the sequel to the Medal of Honor reboot that DICE handled the multiplayer for. We have confirmation that EA studio Danger Close has received a “green light” to move forward with the development of a sequel. Or it could be something totally different; only time will tell.

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