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TimeSplitters 4 possible

by on31 January 2011

Need to get Crysis 2 out first
Since Crytek acquired TimeSplitters developer Free Radical, many have wondered if a fourth edition in the franchise was in the cards. Cevat Yerli, CEO of Crytek, has acknowledged that the possibility has been discussed, but nothing is confirmed or in the pipeline at this time.

Free Radical was acquired by Crytek back in 2009 and most recently has been working on the multiplayer component of the upcoming Crysis 2. Of course, the team at Free Radical is working to finish the multiplayer component of Crysis 2 before any resources would potentially be available to work on a new TimeSplitters installment.

Those who claim to have seen into the Crytek crystal ball suggest to us that it is possible that a new TimeSplitters game could be a possibility, but until Crysis 2 is out the door and Crytek has a chance to see what kind of sales numbers it produces, don’t look for them to commit to a new TimeSplitters title. The TimeSplitters franchise does seem to have quite a following and Crytek does seem to be aware of this fact.

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