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A lot hinges on the success of Homefront

by on27 January 2011

Kaos employees worry about the future
While the team at Kaos has entered crunch time to put the finishing touches on Homefront for publisher THQ, apparently being worried about getting the game out isn’t the only thing on the employees’ minds these days.

Kaos employees have a lot riding on the success of Homefront, and it could be their very jobs at their New York-based studio. A number of rumors suggest that THQ might be looking to move the future development of Homefront to their new tax friendly 400-seat studio in Montreal. The possible prospect of either having to move to Montreal of losing their jobs is weighing heavily on the minds of Kaos employees.

Sources tell us that THQ has not made a decision on the future yet, but New York isn’t the cheapest place to have a development studio, that is for sure. If the whispers that we hear are accurate, a number of proposals have been run by the upper management at THQ, but no decision is likely to come till after Homefront is released.

From what those in the shadows tell us, the future of the studio is likely hanging in the balance and it is all tied to the sales performance of Homefront. If it is a block buster smash hit, then it would be hard for THQ to want to break up a winning team; but if sales are slow and the reviews aren’t great, then it could end up in another studio closing and those either unable or unwilling to move to the Montreal studio could be out of a job.

The early buzz is positive, but it is still hard to tell how well Homefront will perform in the crowded field of FPS titles, with Homefront being the start of what THQ is hoping to be a new franchise. We will have to wait till March 8th when the title drops and we see what the reviews have to say.

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