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Old Republic release date might move

by on27 January 2011

Could be a September release rather than spring
While many investors are not that excited about Star Wars: The Old Republic finally making its way to release, fans of the title are eager to give the new Star Wars MMO a chance. The bad news is, however, that instead of the projected spring 2011 release, sources are now telling us that a September release is becoming more likely.

While BioWare and Electronic Arts have not confirmed a release date change, it is well known behind closed doors that the title has been the victim of a number of delays. A number of analysts that we have spoken with tell us that they are worried about the money that has been spent on the development of the game and the fact that the subscription model could be tough for the company to gain traction with; and when you combine all of this with the rumored exceptionally high development costs and high royalties that EA is paying for LucasArts, success could be elusive for the title.

Sources tell us that we should expect to hear more about a release date from EA during E3 in June. It is expected by then that they will have a good handle on when the title will finally ship. We hope that the title is successful, as rumors suggest that this could be one of the more expensive video games that have ever been produced; and it seems to have a lot of factors working against its potential success.

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